Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fun with paints

Well, she's no Picaso, but Eliza sure gets in to her work! To save space, I edited out the part where she stuck the paint in her mouth, I'll make one with that later. So far, I'm liking, I think I'll put some more vids up there later.

Update: new pedophilophobia policy. No videos of kids online. Email me if you want to see them

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This was one happy piglet for about a second, then she needed the costume off like now and when she disgustly threw it aside after peeling it off, she pulled her diaper off for good measure. Take that, diaper that botherith me! BE gone with you! Posted by Picasa

The picture speaks volumes

Eliza eats a little and then if there is any left and it is in a semi liquid form, she ALWAYS puts it in her hair. Only with the right hand and then puts one or two fingers, depending on the mood, up a nostril. Posted by Picasa