Friday, June 29, 2007


I have long loved google maps more than its competitors (though MSN's LineDrive is really cool). One thing I've always wished for is a way to avoid areas you know are slow at a certain time of day, or take a side trip, etc. Well, Google came through for me. Now, you can just drag the line on the map, and it will map a new route with leaving the road before where you grabbed and going where you dropped.

It took a second to change poor directions to my mom's house to the better way. Thanks Google.

Google Maps New Features

Friday, June 15, 2007

uh oh

My wonderful wife has a small issue with presents. She hates waiting. Whether she's on the giving or receiving side, its pure torture for her. So, when a package arrived in the mail for me today, she let me know that I was more than free to open it early. Really, opening it is fine. If I want. I can wait, or OPEN IT NOW!!!!!!!

So I did. That naughty girl bought me a Nintendo Wii. Whatever will I do now. I'm going to stop sleeping, working and eating, I fear. After a 90 minute lunch, I managed to drag myself back to work, but I'm having trouble not searching for games to buy, figuring out how much extra remotes cost, etc. I named it BollWiivil.

Yippee! Hope the tivo doesn't get jealous.