Monday, February 11, 2008

New Church

Well, after leaving our church last year when the pastor left, we'd enjoyed the children's program at Life Center, and Pastor Joe is a great speaker, no wonder they're so huge. The size of the baptism services and the number of people who answer altar calls is impressive.

But we always hoped John Repsold would start a new church like he'd planned, and we've been going there since it opened, Mosaic Fellowship. It certainly is different from any church experience we've had in the past. Initially, trying to attend with 3 kids was kinda painful, but we've gotten better at it, and the kids have too. They have a kids area for 5 and under, but Eliza doesn't really go for that. The biggest problem I have is that they are really focused on getting us active in the community (like we should be) and that is something we haven't made much time for*, so there's a bit of guilt there.

Now I just need to suppress the feeling that I should lead a small group :)

* We do stuff, just not enough for me to not feel a nagging feeling in my heart.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Got myself some spiffy new glasses. Silhouettes even. Haven't worn glasses since I got my radial karatotomy (and I didn't wear them much anyway). I've gotten tired of having to be 10 feet from a street sign before I can read it, so I went to get glasses. I'll post a pic when I get around to it.