Sunday, January 08, 2006

How blessed am I?

happy dude
lego lover
pretty in piggies

Here are recent photos of my 3 cuties. I can't believe how lucky I am too have such a great family. Emma's starting a short swimming class tomorrow, she can't wait to get back in the water. Abe's doing a preschool soccer league, had his first practice/game yesterday. Truly hilarious, too bad I forgot my digital camera. As you can see Eliza is still a doll. She has enough hair for some pigtails. She actually kept them in for about half an hour.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Stop the insanity

Of course I'm not clever or motivated enough to make the previous posts, they're from Sara. Well, to avoid confusing our huge fanbase, I've made a separate account for Sara so when she posts things it will say its from her. Aren't you relieved?

And while I know you're dying to know what IHOM stands for, I'm afraid you'll have to keep guessing.


Okay, some of you dont watch as much TV as others. Make sure to tune in when we are on the Amazing Race. We have sent in our application and video. This is one of the photos we sent. It's sooo wonderful and witty, we know we'll be chosen. You wish we were joking. Emily is ready to send out postcards to the city of Moscow. This is bringin out a whole new side of us, esp my reserved, oh so quiet and smart, sister. Yeah right. Posted by Picasa


This picture looks like a mistake. However-she love to be weird and blink for a really long time. She finds herself quite humerous like her mother. I mean, how her mother finds herself...the actual fact is being debated. I am cute and clever for sure. 2 b 2 cute 4 ever is difficult, but attainable. Posted by Picasa