Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blueberry Muffin Fever by Emma Matelich

Sose loves her parents. Sose loves blueberry muffins. Her parents let her eat blueberry muffins all of the time. She has blueberry muffin crumbs on pork chops, salmon, tunafish sandwiches, hotdogs, and last but not least, ice cream.

Sose had a twin sister named Dove. Dove is a good sis. She doesn’t pull Sose’s braids.

Sose started feeling funny. She went to the bathroom. She went to the mirror and screamed! Her eyes were blueberries. Plus her hair was blue and white. Her mom saw her and fainted. Could someone help them?

Sose grabbed Dove and ran as fast as she could. Sose and Dove ran to Gram and Gramps house. Gram took them to nurse Emma Matelich. Nurse Emma Matelich had never seen this kind of fever ever. She took them to the children’s center. A doctor came and greeted them and then he took them into a room. After they got in the room, he pulled one of Sose’s hairs.

“Ouch!” she said.

“Did that hurt?” asked the doctor.

“No, but I thought it would, “she said.

He said to one of his helpers, “Take this to the office.” He took it to the office and came back and said to the doctor, “That hair is blueberry muffin!” When he went out of the room, Sose ran out of the room and to her friend’s house. She got her friend’s mom, who drove her to a different country. Sose went to the store in Japan. The storekeeper saw her and told her she saw a girl that looked like her. Sose asked how she got cured. She learned this lesson: You have to have a little of everything, not a lot of one kind of food. And she ate mustard pills. When Sose woke up, she was the same as she used to be. And she was home.

For breakfast, she had waffles and salmon. She put salmon on her waffles. It tasted good. She wondered if there was such thing as salmon fever. What do you think?

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