Saturday, January 19, 2008

What if...

Eliza (3 1/2) is a rather imaginative, verbal little girl. She is an incorrigible what if'er (not that I would corrige her if I could :). This morning I went in to wake her up.

Thomas: Did you sleep well?
Eliza: No *grunt*
Thomas: Did you have nightmares?
Eliza: No
Thomas: Were there squirrels in your bed?
Eliza: What if squirrels ate nuts out of my brain?
Thomas: You don't have squirrels in your brain.
Eliza: What if I did?
Thomas: Well, then it might be good to have squirrels eat them out.
Eliza: Or it might be bad. That would be silly.

"What if it did" is definitely a common phrase around here.

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