Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, you may have noticed you got redirected to blog.mateli.ch when you visited. I've been thinking about getting a domain name for a good while now. I was going to do matelich.com, but then came up with mateli.ch. The dorkiness of it makes me happy, though matelly-dot-c-h doesn't quite roll off the tongue. I probably should get matelich.com too and have it redirect to mateli.ch or vice versa, but I'm too much of a spendthrift.

Then google has a free Google Apps for Domains setup where you get gmail to handle your email, and localized calendar, docs, etc. for your domain name. Fun stuff. The kids like getting to pick whatever email aliases they feel like in addition to their own names. Sara's holding out on using her account, but she'll break one of these days :)

If you're a matelich and want an account, let me know. I get up to a hundred. I won't be able to read your email, nor would I. I guess as administrator, I could reset your password, and get in, but you'd at least know I'd broken your trust when you went to login. Oh, and if you have any bright ideas for something to put at http://mateli.ch that would be peachy.

The other move is a bit down the line, but we're in the market for some land to build a house on in the future. Looking for 10ish acres north of Spokane. Put a long-shot offer on a site we really love today, but its contingent on them installing a well. We'll see.

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