Monday, April 23, 2007

Google Reader revisited

I recently wrote about my change of RSS feed aggregators to Google Reader. As a matter of fairness, I'll list the things I've discovered I don't like about Reader.
  1. Can't force an update. I have no idea how to know if its really gotten the latest elements. Also, when I refresh my items from, say, overnight, there are huge chunks of data from sites that I know publish more incrementally. The timestamps appear to be the timestamps from when reader retrieved them.
    • Akregator lets you have scheduled checks of your feeds, customizable per feed, as well as re-checking one or all at your hearts desire.
  2. No searching. GASP! How can a google product not let me search my feed elements???
    • Akregator has a quite nice search utility.
In short, I've got a huge tradeoff of functionality right now. However, the convenience of google's display and being on the web is winning at the moment.

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