Friday, April 20, 2007


I know you all are dying to hear more about RSS feeds from the overwhelming response I got previously :). So, to sate your desires I figured I fill you in on how I'm surfing the blogs these days. I was fearful my linux box was going to have some catastrophic hardware failure, so I decided to give google reader ( another try. Well, they've redone the interface and I'm sorry to say, it leave Akregator in the dust. The ease of use, and the bonus that I can now use it anywhere is almost too good to be true.

Since everyone knows their own likes are the best and assumes everyone else wants to know about them, I've put the reader shared items doohickey on this blog. What that means is if I read something that I think rules, I click a little box and it goes over on the right in "Tom's shared blog posts" (though I don't like what I titled that box). Now you get to know what I find interesting, whoopee for you.

Anyway, give reader a try, and if you want, I'll point you to some good blogs.

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